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When Life Happens …

I have been MIA for a few weeks … from writing and reading blogs, and communicating with my D/s/DD/ttwd friends … because, as can be expected from time to time, significant life events intervened.

Frank’s Mom, after struggling with the ravages of dementia for over 3 years, was hospitalized in late July. We initially thought she would go from there into a care home. However, in spite of her deteriorated state of mind, our strong minded momma had other plans. We were thankful to make it to her side in time to say our good-byes.

A week later, we were off to a happier event – a camp out wedding weekend … more than anything, it was an eclectic gathering of artistically minded young people … so much joy to be found in their sharing of love, vows, music and dancing. We were more the obligatory older auntie and uncle observers than active participants but we enjoyed ourselves all the same. It gave me hope, as in other generations gone by, youthful optimism and care for our planet will prevail.

I find in order to maintain our alternative lifestyle, I need my community of like minded folks around me … so I am back … at least until the next time life intervenes.

I’ve missed you all.

… nj … xx

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