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Skin Deep

He draws a finger through the rivulets of flesh cascading into my cleavage …

“… I love this here … I love how soft your skin has become … same as the skin inside your thighs and between your legs.

and … running the same finger back and forth across the tops of my breasts …

“… and here. I love it when you wear a top that dips down to here … you are pretty … so pretty … you know that, don’t you?”

This is some of what my sweet man Frank has to say about the changes my skin and I have undergone in the ageing process … all the more visible in the past 5 years, with the tide turning significantly at age 60. While I look in the mirror with a critical eye, he doesn’t seem to notice the pouching of the skin around my face and neck, the deepening of the lines around my mouth, the loss of skin tone in my arms and my ass, or the age spots and new wrinkles that appear everywhere, seemingly at will. While he seems oblivious to it all, I watch my skin deteriorate daily … and there is nothing I can do to stop it … there really are no magic creams, no non surgical transformations to stem the shrivel that marches on. And about those surgical solutions … we all know in the end that just makes it all look scarier.

I’ve heard we should look to ageing gracefully, seeking a new kind of beauty in the transformation … but nope, nothing graceful about it, as far as I can see. Although I do understand it will be of no avail in the end, I’m resisting …. kicking and dragging my feet for as long as I can :>)

Yes, I missed a prompt deadline again … while it seems to be the norm for me these days, it’s still good to have topics to write for … check out what others had to say last week about …

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Photo by Daria Shevtsova


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