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Master of the Quickie …

By Weds morning, I’d had 3 orgasms since Saturday … definitely a good week. I was about to get out of bed, when Frank, sitting up on the bed next to me, patted his lap and added the instruction …

“Come on around and lay yourself here, babygirl”

‘A good girl spanking might be a nice way to start the day’ … was my thought as I went around to his side of the bed and draped myself face down over his lap. He began by stroking my bum and then ran his hands up and down my back and legs.

“I’m just going to stroke for a bit”,  he said as he continued with his hands and I settled in … damn!, it felt good!

… but then I felt the motion of him reaching behind him into the headboard ….

… I knew what he was after and as I am known to do at times😬, I whined …

“I don’t want a quickie, Sir” …

When you’re a sexual submissive and kink is your thing …. and frequently throughout your life, you’ve experienced the drought and desert of libido loss, you want your orgasms to be of the quality kind … you want to ‘save’ them for kinky times … you don’t want to waste them on ‘quickies’.

Frank has a high libido. We lived through times where the mismatch between our libidos was so bad it had us doing the ‘don’t forget to pull the nightie down’ thing … a lot … our agreement being I would never refuse him but at the same time, he wasn’t to expect me to want and deliver the same for myself.

Frank also has found, with his amped up Dom role in our renewed D/s relationship, and factoring in his increasing ‘mechanical issues’, he gets as much pleasure out of my orgasms as his own … in fact he has told me several times, making me cum, watching me cum, is one of his greatest pleasures these days.

… and never say ‘I don’t want’ to your Dom(me) …

He nestled the head of the Magic Wand, in between my legs, right under the top of my pubic bone … exactly the spot that works the best …

He turned it on low and began working me over ….

⇒ Rubbing and caressing

⇒ Spanking

⇒ Rubbing and caressing … turn the wand up / down / different setting

⇒ Spanking … harder

⇒ Rinse and repeat

He soon added instructions to alternatively clench my butt cheeks, hold and release … he didn’t say ‘fuck the vibrator’ but he … and I … knew darn well the result was the same.

… and so it went … until he turned off the wand and inserted fingers instead …

“such a naughty, naughty girl … you are so wet’ … and followed with more dirty talk I can no longer remember …

We finished – or more to the point, I finished – in his favourite position – me straddling and facing him, him holding the wand on my clit, alternating his demands of ‘look at me’ and ‘look in the mirror’ (mirrored headboard), all the while knowing he was masterfully playing my cognitive dissonance response of dread and desire …. dread of doing what embarrasses me … instinctively I want to close my eyes and only view what’s inside my head – not look at the sexually aroused stranger in the mirror, or look into his staring, knowing eyes … and the intense desire this type of scene elicits all the same.

I’d settled in for a post orgasmic cuddle when the lecture followed ….

“Whose body is this?”

… “yours, Sir”

“Whose orgasms are they?”

… “yours, Sir”

He finished with …

“When I decide I want you to have an orgasm, understand it is my decision and is for my pleasure … it is not a ‘quickie’ … and as of now, I don’t want to hear that word used again …”

“Yes, Sir”

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Photo credit … Gus Tu Njana at Unsplash


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