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The lost art of fellatio …

Fellatio by Cam Promeneur

Last week, wIth a grin and a waggle of his bushy eyebrows, Frank pointed out His Lordship UK’s post re ‘training’, where HL talked about training Missy (, his wife and submissive, to “take a lot of cock” without gagging. My retort …

… “Sorry, Hon … I don’t think any amount of training is going to fix my problem”

I used to be great at fellatio … it was the first orgasmic genital contact sex we ever had … not very long into our dating game … me giving him a blowjob in the back of his 60’s something Austin Mini Woody station wagon, parked in the back row of the drive-in theatre. I think I blew his mind as much as his cock … lol!

Birth control when we were first dating, was a dicey scenario. Yes, the pill was available by then but only to ‘adults’ and if you were a minor, as I was at the time, you needed written parental consent. Given my parents didn’t even talk to me about sex, for me to say to them .. ‘Hey, my new boyfriend and I are making out like rabbits … how about I go on the pill’, was not an option. So birth control for us was a lot of non penetrative sex, along with the occasional “oh my gawd there’s no stopping us now”, in which case the ‘Rhythm Method‘ combined with ‘Pull and Pray‘ was our answer …  and yes, of course we also could have used condoms and occasionally did as well but they were not a favourite item for either of us (there was a reason they were called ‘rubbers’) … and also it was pre ‘safe sex’ days so condom use was less prominent in the big scheme of things.

So yeah … I became good at fellatio and continued to be good at until recently. I don’t have an exact date but about 2-3 yrs ago, gagging became a concern. To top it off, Frank is smaller than he used to be … due to his lessened blood flow, no prostate situation … so it really should not be an issue. And yes, I know all the tricks … flatten and lengthen your tongue, open your throat, breath through your nose … but it’s all a no go … anything further than the back of my palate brings the same result … “cough/choke!”

I do have a theory as to why … like many other parts of this aging body of mine, gravity continues to drag everything south. So I’m thinking maybe there is something sagging in the back of my throat area as well. I did consult Dr Google, but the only answer I could find was an issue with diminished gag reflex sensitivity in seniors that could potentially cause choking … nope, my gag reflex sensitivity has increased not decreased, so not my problem. And I am pretty certain there will never be an answer as to why, or a possible ‘training’ solution, as I suspect there isn’t a lot of scientific funding or willingness to research “the declining fellatio capabilities of seniors” … so I’m resigned to the fact the gagging thing is here to stay.

On the positive side, our oral sex activity on both sides of the slash, remains frequent. For Frank’s pleasure, it’s a necessity as oral stimulation is needed to get him hard.  Also, him pushing me to the point of gagging is often purposeful. His oft response to my ‘cough/choke’? … is usually a grunt followed by … “that makes my dick twitch” … 🤣

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