About Us

Hi and welcome to my ‘new’ blog. I’m Nora (aka Nora Jean or nj). Frank is My Sir, and also my best friend, lover and husband of many years.

I say ‘new’ blog because I have two other blogs – one is a vanilla blog, which of course I can’t share details about here. The other is a Blogger blog I started in early 2018 when Frank and I decided to take our then 20 year bedroom only BDSM dynamic 7×24. At the time we had recently discovered the world of DD (Domestic Discipline). We were fascinated by the concept and saw it as way to transform our relationship into a fulltime D/s lifestyle.

Why a new blog? … this past Spring our relationship evolved again. As we struggled through a particularly tough time, we came to the realization we were missing the BDSM aspects we’d put aside to focus on our DD relationship. As we began re-incorporating those missing bits, we knew we were on the right track because it felt like we’d ‘come home’. We didn’t totally discard what we learned with DD and have retained some elements including our ‘agreement’ which is based on DD principals. For me, a new blog was the best way to reflect the change and start anew. I also wanted to move away from using Blogger as my blog platform and transition to self hosting so the timing was right for a fresh start on both fronts. I have yet to decide if I will import my Blogger blog posts into this blog.

Why blog at all? … I asked myself this question as I wound down my posting activity on my old blog. My observation is Bloggers are motivated by a myriad of reasons. Some that come to mind are … a love of writing, a way to process life and life events, the sharing and education of passions, and journaling. For me it is a way of engaging with a community of like minded persons. I find when I blog I am more attuned to the lifestyle we practice … and Frank notices it as well.

What about us? … the first thing that comes to mind is …. we’re old … lol! well, chronologically one might say we are but mentally we don’t see ourselves as such … and most likely due to lucky genetics, most people are surprised when they hear how old we are. However, having said that, I get a sense our age makes us a minority in the D/s blogging world and as such I am hoping we might bring a unique perspective to the mix … and if nothing else, we are an example that one can still have a kinky sex life after sixty :>))

So yes, we are in our sixties, parents to ‘kids’ in their forties and grandparents of boys. We are Canadians, retired and living in a small town where we have an active life. I am a professional artist (hence the vanilla blog) and Frank, a jack of all trades, keeps himself busy with looking after me plus a multitude of projects around the house, garden and yard for us, and for others.

We’ve always had an active sex life and we don’t see that changing as long as our health allows for it … and should it become less active for some reason, how we shape our dynamic to accommodate such changes would all be part of the story of living this life.

Sooo … that’s all about us … if you are a new reader … welcome! … if you are a reader of my old blog who’s found your way here … welcome back!

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